EXELIXI ZOIS (Life Evolution) was founded in March 2018 and it aims to provide expert support and care to adults, minors or adolescents who have spent time in closed child-protection institutions. Our mission is to help care for the needs of adolescents aged 12-17 as well as to support young adults aged 18-25 coming from  similar backgrounds. Our combined actions will allow children to develop smoothly. A further goal is to provide them with the proper care and psychological support to help them become motivated, optimistic and confident enough to tackle the turbulent waters of the life. We believe that with guidance, support and encouragement they will create a bright future for themselves.

EXELIXI ZOIS (Life Evolution) embraces and supports a holistic, multilevel intervention and support plan for children living in closed childcare institutions. This aims to prepare and equip them for leading independent and autonomous lives.

We support and guide young adults using an array of educational, psychological and financial programs, which will enable them to successfully  transition from institutions into society with confidence and belief in their abilities. It is our role to help them leave behind any traumatic experiences, whether in families or institutions in order to face the future independently and without fear.

Our goals as an NGO are:

  • To train and educate young people in institutions as well as the staff responsible for their care
  • To care for them by providing spiritual, intellectual and psychological support and stimulation
  • To make all preparations necessary for their future professional rehabilitation or integration
  • The provision of housing and coverage of any living expenses
  • The empowerment of beneficiaries using culture, sports, and entertainment.
  • Encouraging the spirit of volunteerism

Long-term goals

Α) Institutional Framework: Exelixi Zois (Life Evolution) aspires to contribute to the institutional framework by providing reliable support to young adults.

Β) To raise public awareness of issues connected with child welfare and institutions and to underline the importance of offering continuing support for institutionalized children after they reach adulthood and are no longer eligible for institutional support. Also, to shed light on the social issues that affect these children and to promote alternative solutions such as forms of hosting to ease the phase of de-institutionalization.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) supports EXELIXI ZOIS (Life Evolution) with a Founding Grant. SNF’s grant supports, in particular, educational, sports, artistic, and social development activities, as well as services providing psychological support to young people living in child care institutions.


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