Offer true love to a child and see his/her life changing

So far we have managed to support and empower more than 100 adolescents and young adults whose life has been closely related to child care institutions and we continue to expand our activities under the guidance of our specialised scientific staff.

This effort is worth being supported by all of us.

For our institution, the evolution of children is based on a unique programme aimed at semi-autonomy and full autonomy, developed by specialised scientists following a series of international standards.

Through donations, our goal is to strengthen both these programmes.

The semi-autonomous programme is addressing adolescent beneficiaries (16-18 years) and contributes to

  • improving their educational level through private lessons with experienced teachers,
  • strengthening their professional orientation through special training meetings,
  • their psychosocial empowerment through sessions with psychologists, as well as
  • cultivating their daily skills.

The full autonomous programme concerns adult beneficiaries (18-25 years) and incorporates

  • the provision of accommodation by means of a rent grant,
  • financial support for studies,
  • coverage of daily living costs,
  • interconnection with the labour market and ultimately
  • their full independence under the guidance of the specialized scientists working in Evolution of Life (Exelixi Zois).

Adopt a child, provide him/her with true love and contribute to his/her independent, self-supporting and self-sufficient way of living.



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Your donation helps teenagers and young people transition from institutional care to independent adulthood