The purpose of EXELIXI ZOIS (Life Evolution) is to work with closed child protection agencies to better care for their children through the provision of support services related to education, sports, artistic and social development activities as well as the psychological support of young people living with closed child protection institutions. In the first phase of the Program, EXELIXI ZOIS (Life Evolution) cooperates with three closed child protection institutions, SOS Children's Villages of Greece and in particular, a SOS Children's Village of Vari and the House of Athens Youth Christodouleio the institution and the Girls Shelter "Agios Alexandros".

Our mission is to empower children living in institutions in their first steps as active, autonomous and self-sufficient members of society. We intend to achieve this through:

Α) Working closely with public and private foundations in the country, so that we can focus on young people aged 12-17, providing them with specialized services and knowledge - through EXELIXI ZOIS (Life Evolution) programs, partners and volunteers - focusing also in the fields of education, culture, sports and education.

Β) Caring for young people aged 18-25 leaving public and private institutions due to existing legislation - on their hospitality, education, vocational guidance and rehabilitation, while also providing specialized services and knowledge - through programs, partners and volunteers of EXELIXI ZOIS (Life Evolution).


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