Our mission is to empower children living in closed childcare institutions to become autonomous, self -sufficient and active members of society by contributing to their healthy development.

Our Values

Mutual Respect

We recognize the value of all people, working to combat discrimination and social exclusion, and celebrating diversity.


We provide quality services to vulnerable social groups by using innovative approaches in childcare.

Equality and Social Inclusion

We work together to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, social status, physical condition, ethnicity, disability, location, and religion, in order foster integration and combat social exclusion.

Honesty, Reliability, and Independence

We support and respect each other, regardless of any political or religious affiliation, and we build an environment wherein we can address the needs of vulnerable children and young adults.


We support actions that aim to eliminate social stigma and exclusion.


We actively listen to and empathize with the experiences and emotions of children, adolescents and young adults in need.