EXELIXI ZOIS responding to the demands of the previously unknown conditions we are now experiencing, and in complete compliance to the decisions of the Ministry of Education  last week decided to suspend all face to face tuitions and educational activities provided by our tutors and staff to all institutions we work with.

At the same time following the guidelines issued by the WHO and the Ministries of both Education and Health and recognizing the need to limit any movement and activities possible due to the Coronovirus pandemic have decided to close our offices for the near future so as to continue our work by staying and working from home.

Therefore, our programs continue to run, after consulting with the institutes, from a distance in all fields implementing the internet and novel technologies so that the children and teenagers involved remain focused on their educational course.

To provide examples:

We provide support lessons (private tuition)

Specifically, lessons are offered at the following subjects: language and literature, mathematics, biology, chemistry, foreign languages.

EXELIXI ZOIS swiftly adapting to change has activated digital tools that allow for distance teaching so as to keep students in touch with the educational procedure through the use of:

Remote teaching, using direct teaching in real time through a computer, mobile phone or tablet using digital applications such as skype or zoom.

Asynchronized teaching during which a student works with a teacher at a different time than that of the formal lesson having access to educational material which is constantly enriched at any time.

The program of “career consultation”, which is carried out with scientific monitoring techniques , is also continuing using digital tools.

Our Psychosocial Development field and its supporting stuff, such as psychologists and social workers also remains in constant communication with the institutions and remains devoted to assisting their every need.

The field of providing access to cultural activities also continues. We have designed and implemented a program entailing novel technologies in order to substitute for the art labs carried out in person. A series of art works and artistic movements are sent to the Institutions {pdf of color works in A4 of the specific artist. The works are printed in color and assigned to each student therefore creating a personal portfolio of exquisite art works. This is then followed with a discussion through skype.

Writing and issuing newsletters. These are aimed at children and young adults living in institutions with the aim to creatively engage them  and to offer advice on everyday life management, alternative means of socializing , useful advice on e- platforms available , international museum tours , fairytales, games and others.

EXELIXI ZOIS caters for approximately 70 children and young adults residing in institutions. During the first 4 months of its operation (October to January) it provided 1167 teaching hours, 802 special care hours, 100 hours of Career Counselling, 1404 hours of parrarel support hours.

Meanwhile workshops took place on the subject “Educating Educators and monitoring on supervised teaching people with vulnerabilities”, as well as providing workshops to the institution ‘s staff.


The NGO EXELIXI ZOIS was established in March 2018 and is aimed at children and young adults residing in institutions.