The EXELIXI ZOIS organized a particularly useful and practical seminar for the beneficiaries of the "Agios Alexandros" Home of Females, regarding Personal Hygiene and the Importance of Body Care. The seminar, which was conducted online due to the new preventive measures, was arranged by the healthcare worker Ms. Margarita Tsene, based on the needs of the girls, as they were outlined by the director of the “Agios Alexandros” Home of Females.

Ms. Tsene started the seminar by describing to the girls daily habits to follow in order to have a beautiful and well-tended skin. She talked to them about how they should take care of their hair, nails, teeth and how, through these everyday habits, they will look and feel more beautiful. She also referred to more sensitive issues, about which the girls is expected to be concerned, as most of them are in their teens. Finally, she emphasized on the importance of good nutrition and the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet and referred to the strong association between health and beauty, which comes from ourselves.



The seminar was prompted by the kind donation of the Apivita Group, where gift boxes, which contained moisturizing face creams of the pharmaceutical company URIAGE (member of the Apivita Group), were offered to the beneficiaries and the ladies who look after the children in the cooperating institutions. The purpose of the donation was to empower the young girls’ personal care and grooming and reward the great work of the caregivers.
The beneficiaries, after the unboxing, wanted to learn how to use the products and thanked the healthcare worker for the interesting presentation. The gift boxes contributed to make the girls' lives a bit more beautiful.