A new initiative of EXELIXI ZOIS was launched in parallel with the training period, entitled “Open Dialogue Groups” with the teachers of the Organization. The purpose of the meetings is to create an open “space” for discussion, exchange and sharing of experiences between partners.

The aim is to communicate good practices and difficulties that arise during the educational process and to develop a relationship of trust and mutual support of the MAKE training team. The action also aims to explore, through the team, various alternative proposals and solutions, to optimize the educational practice.

The topics of each meeting will be a dynamic process and will be based on topics that will be brought by the participants themselves, depending on their own needs and any difficulties that arise in daily practice.

In any case, the central axis of the meetings will be defined by the following issues:
• Student communication and management
• Demarcation of educational relationships
• Strengthening the team of teachers
• Discussion of facts regarding their possible management

The coordination of the Group is carried out by the collaborator of the Organization Mrs. Elpida Marinou (Msc. Special Educator and Drama Therapist).

In this first meeting, which took place online, the associates referred to the achievements of the beneficiaries during the last school year, as well as to issues that they faced and troubled them. The discussion ended with Ms. Dimitra Kalantoni, President & CEO, welcoming all teachers, old and new and wishing a beautiful and creative year!