The Two-Day European Cultural Heritage Days, which took place on the last weekend of September, was the ideal starting point for the Art Programs of the new educational period. On Sunday, September 27, our art collaborator Mr. Vangelis Pappas, gave a tour for the beneficiaries, at the National Archaeological Museum of Greece.

The visit to the Museum was of particular importance, as it will be used as material for the lessons that will follow and will serve as a basis for the artistic experimentation of our beneficiaries. The participants "traveled", through the simple narrations of the guide, to the richness of Greek culture, from the Minoan and Mycenaean eras to the archaic and classical art, but also to the Roman period. The guides’ unique, descriptive way helped us to understand the wonderful works of art we saw.

The framework of the courses that will take place consists of two almost parallel actions. The first action concerns an artistic dialogue of their favorite works of art from various movements of world expression. The purpose of this cycle is for the beneficiaries to consciously come in contact with currents and artists that they really like, and to choose a work (or art) of their choice, commenting on it (through a work of their own) to the measures of their time.
The second action that will take place is called "The de-symbolization of the Odyssey". The Odyssey will teach the beneficiaries that life has problems, but they are manageable. It will teach them principles such as humility, ingenuity, determination, courage, hope and perseverance in the struggle. Through the parable of the myth they will meet, in a surprising way, the journey of man towards its end. All the above will be explained in such a way by Mr. Pappas, so that the beneficiaries can understand them and transform them visually, through their own eyes, creating their own works.

The art workshops of the Organization aim at promoting the creative and artistic development, but also at the personal development of the expression and critical thinking of the participants.
All actions and programs are carried out this year in strict compliance with the required protection measures, in accordance with the pandemic. EXELIXI ZOIS has always ensured, with the valuable assistance of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), that all stakeholders (educators, consultants and other collaborators) undergo molecular tests for COVID-19, before contacting the beneficiaries. In addition, the visits are always made with special attention and with the use of the necessary personal items (masks, gloves, etc.) and of course keeping the distances!