In the context of commencing all programmes of the Organization, job orientation sessions have also started for the beneficiaries in the SOS Children’s Village Vari, St. Alexandros Home of Females and Christodoulio Female Orphanage.

The majority of the beneficiaries continue the sessions with the consultants for second year and, thus, an opportunity is given to feel the sense of continuity and deepening, in matters of self-consciousness and orientation, whereas new beneficiaries are expected to join the programme. The most remarkable is that many of them claim that, through these sessions, they realized what they like, what they want to do after their leaving the institution and how they can accomplish it.

Simultaneously, the psychosocial empowerment, psychotherapy support and social skills development programme is proceeding. Most of the children living in the involved institutions need care and psychological support in order to ensure a better future with optimism and knowledge.
Through the job orientation programmes and career counselling as well as psychosocial empowerment, the Organization seeks to create a bridge among past, present and future, so that its beneficiaries obtain necessary qualifications and evolve.