The signing of the new memorandum of cooperation between SOS Children's Villages and EXELIXI ZOIS, which took place on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, is the seal of a successful cooperation between the two Organizations based on the mutual trust relationship that they have developed, and synchronously specifies the substantial continuation of a common vision for the holistic care of children- adolescents (12-18 years) as well as young adults (18-25 years), who are in need.
EXELIXI ZOIS, founded in March 2018, has the mission of full support for children, adolescents and young people living in Closed Child Protection Structures, with the aim of contributing to their healthy and integrated development so that they become self-sufficient, self-reliant and active members of the society.

The new Memorandum of Cooperation aims to implement a renewed framework of services regarding the various areas of intervention and support of EXELIXI ZOIS towards children and young people of SOS Children's Villages but also the exchange of know-how, "good practices", ideas and knowledge between the two Organizations.

Based on the experience of the first year of cooperation and after a thorough mapping of the needs of the SOS Children's Villages, the second memorandum of cooperation includes multiple support services and actions designed jointly and focusing on the areas of education (special education and parallel support), psychosocial empowerment, vocational guidance, care, creative contact with culture and sport, vocational rehabilitation, housing for beneficiary adults who are in the semi-autonomous stage and have not stepped out from the framework of care provided to them. The services offered by EXELIXI ZOIS are based on the founding donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

The care and support of children and young people growing up in SOS Children's Villages is carried out under the guidance and supervision of experts with personalization of the services provided. The aim of the program of the second year of cooperation is to benefit children, adolescents and young adults who already live in the SOS Children's Villages but also those who will join the hosting structures during the implementation of the project.

The signing of the new Memorandum of Cooperation took place at the offices of EXELIXI ZOIS, between Ms. Dimitra Kalantoni, President and CEO of NPCP EXELIXI ZOIS and Mr. George Protopapas, General Manager of SOS Children's Villages. Welcoming Mr. Protopapas, the President, Ms. Kalantoni, referred to the excellent cooperation so far and stressed the importance of this renewal, which aims to strengthen the joint work of the two bodies for better living of the beneficiary public, preparing and favoring their smooth integration into society. Mr. Protopapas, referring to the cooperation, stressed that "it is important and essential in the difficult days we are experiencing to have bodies like EXELIXI ZOIS and people with excessive sensitivity such as Ms. Dimitra Kalantoni who embrace with substantial results the lives of dozens of children and young adults and certainly our work ".


EXELIXI ZOIS was founded in March 2018 and is addressed to children-adolescents (12-18 years) and young adults (18-25 years) coming from any Closed Child Protection Structure. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) was a donor in the action of the EXELIXI ZOIS from the very beginning with its founding donation. Through support services, such as educational and counselling programmes, psychological support programmes in addition to children's contact with sporting , visual art and cultural activities, EXELIXI ZOIS seeks to facilitate their integration into society, giving them self-confidence to move forward dynamically in life, leaving any unpleasant experiences in the past. The Vision of the Nonprofit Civil Partnership is to create a bridge which will foster the smooth transition of its beneficiaries from one age bracket to the other, with the ultimate aim of their independent and autonomous living.

With extensive activity in 136 countries and 70 years of experience in prevention programmes, alternative family care and supported independent living programs, SOS Children's Villages is a world leader in protecting children's rights, with an emphasis on children who have lost or are at risk of losing their family. In Greece, SOS Children's Villages were founded in 1975. Aiming for each child to grow up in a family, they implement programs and actions in three areas: (a) Family Empowerment, with 9 Child and Family Support Centers and 6 Learning and Pedagogical Support Centers throughout Greece aiming at restoring the dysfunctions within the family and preventing the risk of distancing children from its context, (b) Promoting Adoption, in collaboration with 5 Regions in Greece , and (c) Alternative Care with 4 SOS Children's Villages, 2 Youth Homes and the SOS Infant Hostel for children who do not have the opportunity to grow up in their biological family.