On our return from the summer holidays of August, we had the honor and pleasure to have invited, the ambassador of EXELIXI ZOIS and World Champion of open sea swimming for the disabled, Christos Koromilas. Thus, on Thursday, September 3, an extremely interesting online discussion took place, between the girls of the “O Agios Alexandros” Girls’ Shelter and Mr. Koromilas, about the importance of Sports and Physical Health. His talent with communication and his love for children, created an excellent atmosphere among the participants, who wanted to learn as much as they could from this great man and athlete.

In addition to the very important techniques he shared with the girls, regarding the different sports in which he takes part as a triathlete, the most essential and “strongest” moment was the deposition of Christos’s soul. He was an inspiration to the children thanks to the way he faced the difficulties of the Championship and the perseverance he showed in order to achieve World recognition. He himself is a unique example and the girls of the Shelter did not miss the opportunity to bombard him with questions, to which he gave answers – “life lessons”.

This great online meeting was completed with the promise from him to be repeated as soon as possible, for the sake of our beneficiaries!