A new action entitled Mentor’s Day is launched by the scientific team of EXELIXI ZOIS in the framework of the systematic Vocational Guidance actions offered to adolescents and young people living in the cooperative structures of closed child protection.
The action in its first stage, due to the emergency conditions of the pandemic, will take place once a month online, through a digital video conferencing platform (zoom).

Through the creative dialogue with renowned professionals from various professional fields, the aim of the new program is to help the beneficiaries to better understand the world of the labor market and to identify themselves within it, based on their desires and inclinations.
At the same time, it aims to inform the target audience in the clearest way about the opportunities, advantages and challenges inherent in any career choice, which are useful to be taken into consideration during an individual’s transition to the autonomous adult life.

The design of the professional empathy and mentoring program was formed after exploring the interests of the beneficiaries, through the special sessions held by the qualified scientific staff of EXELIXI ZOIS. In this way, an indicative agenda was formed by successful professionals from different domains, who can act as role models. In Mentor’s Day, according to its framework, the main goal is for the guest speakers, by describing their personal path and mapping practical aspects of their profession, to transfer experiences, knowledge, motivation and information but also to develop a creative discussion with the beneficiaries of the structures.

Indicatively, the discussions will cover professional outlines related to the following domains:
• Sports
• Artistic
• Humanities
• Science
• Informatics and New Technologies
• Paramedical professions (Cosmetics, Hairdressing, etc.)
• Gastronomy etc.

The educational program, which has been formulated in the form of an interactive discussion, will be enriched with elements of entertainment, in order to be more accessible and amusing for the beneficiaries. The idea arose from the strong need of the beneficiaries for communication and to be surrounded by people who are a source of inspiration and have the ability to advise them and boost their self-confidence.