Not a single hour of education has been missed for our beneficiaries, from the day of implementation of the new measures.

The reintroduction of measures to reduce the pandemic has found the team of NPCP EXELIXI ZOIS fully prepared, and this resulted in not missing a single hour of education of the beneficiary children’s schedule. As of Saturday, November 7, the first day of the new lockdown, lessons in the collaborative Closed Child Protection Institutions were conducted through digital systems that had been used in the previous isolation during spring.

The immediate response of both our teachers and the beneficiary students, as well as the staff of the Institutions, contributed to their feasible adjustment, maintaining continuity and consistency on both sides.
It is noteworthy that last week, 1000 educational hours were completed (in person and online), in a period of just two and a half months from the beginning of the educational period.

In the interests of better coordination of procedures and the adequate acknowledgment of personnel, an online meeting was held between all team members during which, worries and concerns were expressed and best practices for the implementation of the courses were shared.