The "Open Dialogue Groups" among the Educators of EXELIXI ZOIS aim to create an open space for expression and free exchange of ideas, in order to better manage issues related to the educational process.

During the monthly online meeting the educators' concerns regarding the challenges that arise due to distance education emerged through the discussion. The colleagues expressed the peculiarities of the process and discussed possible ways and ideas for the education to be regarded alive and to continue to motivate both students and educators.


A research view on the issue of frustration of students and educators

Many studies have been conducted in the scientific field on the occasion of the issue of frustration of both students and teachers, but also the creation of motivation for learning and goal setting.

According to a study, teachers often experience frustration when they realize that students are not showing interest in the subject or feel that there is no future utility in what they are learning (Kutcy C., & Schulz R., 2006). Other reasons why a teacher may experience frustration include lack of support network, stress or even low social recognition. In fact, during the Covid-19 period, many teachers reported experiencing frustration more often, as e-learning has reduced the teacher's contact and connection with the student in the classroom, while at the same time low motivation is often observed in both students and and teachers (Kamstra L., 2020).

On the other hand, through the appropriate support of teachers, as well as depending on the quality of the student-teacher relationship, the period of distance learning can give new dimensions to the relationship between them (Philippe et al., 2020). It could help them discover functional ways of adapting positively to change and to understand that human relationships can remain functional if there are good levels of communication between the parties.


Educators' "open dialogue groups" as an integral part of EXELIXI ZOIS

Believing that teachers’ support is one of the vital points of the educational process, EXELIXI ZOIS puts particular emphasis to the "Open Dialogue Groups" of Educators. The exchange of concerns, advice, tools and strategies create a climate of team spirit and cooperativeness. Through sharing, educators are able to feel substantial support, so that they continue to be for the students, active role models regarding the knowledge correlation and dissemination. At the same time, this feedback enables the adaptation to the current data, in order to create the appropriate learning environment.