We have successfully completed the first certified training in the method of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR and in the use of an automatic defibrillator, at Christodoulio Orphanage.

EXELIXI ZOIS with the kind and selfless support of ‘Life Guard Hellas” has provided the opportunity to 10 employees of the Structure to be trained in their field with the most modern means and always with the new security protocols that were formed after the Covid 19 pandemic.
The certified rescuers, with clarity and immediacy, first trained each member individually and then all together, so that they could react calmly and with perfect technique to any unfortunate event that might occur during their work, either to one of the children or anywhere else. The president of the ‘Christodoulio Foundation’, Mr. Christoforakis Georgios, was also present at this event and thanked us warmly and expresses his wishes that we continue the excellent cooperation we have to this day.

In addition to its other many activities, ‘Life Guard Hellas’ who has won many awards for its social work, participates in the network of volunteers of EXELIXI ZOIS and is present in every training program requested through its founders, Ms. Mania Bikov and Mr. Spyros Mitritsakis and for that we would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.