The girls living in the Home wearing aprons gather around Mrs. Argiro Barbarigou and with her help learn the secrets of baking Christmas sweets .

The well-known chef shared her unique recipes and her love of cooking with her young friends, who admiringly followed in her footsteps and while playing with cooking, discovered their own baking abilities always under the “sweet” guidance of Argiro.

The big dining room table was surrounded by young girls wearing jean aprons, who were mixing, kneading and baking traditional sweets, melomakarona.

The institution filled with smiling faces as baking brought them all together in a spirit of creativity and joy.

This is just one of many activities organized at the Girls’ Home Agios Alexandros by EXELIXI ZOIS, an NGO supported with a founding donation by the ISFN.

The aprons given to the girls were kindly donated to the girls by the A+M ATHENS company.