One more action took place at the Agios Alexandros Home of Females, in order this time to have fun and welcome the Christmas season along with the girls. So, in the context of recreational activities, we are here in the institution again, like last year, but with the appropriate adjustments, to bake delicious melomacarona under the guidance of our favorite chef, Argyro Barbarigou.

Argyro joined the beneficiaries through live connection from laptop, whereas from the EXELIXI ZOIS team only the President, Mrs. Dimitra Kalantoni was present, who had previously undergone a COVID test and wore a mask throughout her visit in the Institution.

The girls’ need for socialization, interaction and entertainment in the current circumstances, is even more intense, since all this period of (self-) isolation has an impact on them emotionally and mentally. So the kitchen of the Institution and our appointment with the chef, was the ideal occasion for play, Christmas creations and lots of smiles! The girls didn't miss a chance to tease each other and laugh. Their engagement with baking created a beautiful festive atmosphere in the Institution, while enhancing their collaboration and expanding their creativity.
The photos were taken by the beneficiary, Stathis Statharas, who is now an active member of the EXELIXI ZOIS team.