Can all students succeed at school ? How can I inspire and motivate our students?

We were asked to approach the answers to this question through our third educational workshop aimed at our teaching staff , both those at supportive education as well as those at special education.

This workshop took place at the Philosophy department of the University of Athens and was entitled “Introduction to a Positive Education Workshop”.

It was given by Mrs. Alba Papakonstantinou , assistant Lecturer of Sociology of Education at the Philosophy Department.



The NGO EXELIXI ZOIS was established in March 2018 and is aimed at minors and adults residing in institutions. Our aim here at EXELIXI ZOIS is to assist in the care of adolescents aged 12-17 as well as take over in the care of young adults aged 18-25 when they leave institutional care. The result of our combined efforts will be to make the transition from one age group to another as smooth as possible and to ensure that these young people receive the care and support necessary as to be able to face the future with confidence , knowledge and balance.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Supports EXELIXI ZOIS

The valuable contribution and founding donation of the ISFN made the founding of EXELIXI ZOIS possible. The ISN with its founding donation supports the NGO EXELIXI ZOIS and more specifically activities aimed at educating , providing sports , social growth ,and the psychological support of the children residing in institutions.