Our second workshop aimed at our associates dealing with supportive tuition and special education is a fact!

Today’s topic is “Pondering on my professional future while believing in me”

Our lectures are Mrs. Katerina Argiropoulou ,Assistant lecturer EKPA , on the subject Professional Orientation and Decision making, Mrs. Sophia Papatheodorou ,psychologist ,career and professional orientation consultant ,MSc, as well as Mr. Aris Lorentzos ,psychologist , career and professional orientation consultant ,Msc.

The aim of this workshop is to approach and help explain the meaning of self sufficiency and its connection with its practical applications in everyday life through specially formulated experiential actions.

Initially through watching a video we came to understand the meaning and importance of our personal sufficiency in our life. Later its connection with adolescence was presented as well as its role in the planning of their lives. Finally at the closure of the workshop through two experiential activities we learned how to boost our self-sufficiency so as to improve our behavior and be able to take action and of course deal effectively with change.

How does an educator evaluate their own self sufficiency and how do they strengthen their behavior while teaching children who reside in institutional care? We learn how through the activities of the workshop.

This educational workshop is part of the wider activities of EXELIXI ZOIS supported by a founding donation by the ISFN.